LYOPAY Global Summit 2022 is the first of the annual event hosted by LYOPAY, a crypto/FinTech super-app company based in Dubai, UAE. The event will feature new trends in the industry, as well as the updates, new partnerships, and important news about the company. Dubbed as the "Biggest LYOPAY event", the participants, attendees, and speakers came from all over the world.

Creative Direction: Arnold De Guzman
Art Direction: Mikhail Villamor
Graphic Design: Thasneem Rasheed
3d and Motion Graphics: Mohamed Elgaili
Copy: Jolau Ocampo

The Concept
In these modern times, when tech companies shape the future of almost every industry, our collective data is that one thing that is present in every app that we use. And this collective data is the inspiration behind the mark of this event.

We envision data, when visualized, as a mesmerizing blob comprising countless interconnected strands, akin to a sentient being in constant motion and evolution. When zoomed out, it transforms into a fluid object, adopting various shapes with grace. This captivating concept forms the foundation of LGS's dynamic brand identity, symbolizing the ever-changing landscape of the crypto industry and technology as a whole.

Constant Evolution
This brand identity showcases a versatile approach, presenting a unique logo structure for each application. The beauty lies in the diversity, allowing the logo to adapt and harmonize with various collaterals while maintaining a consistent lock-up for optimal readability.

Each application of the logo is thoughtfully crafted to complement the specific context it appears in. For digital platforms, a simplified version might be used to ensure clarity and legibility at smaller sizes. In print materials like brochures or business cards, the logo might be presented in its full glory to make a lasting impression.

The flexibility of the brand identity not only keeps the design fresh and exciting but also enhances its impact across different media. From social media banners to signages, the logo effortlessly molds itself into the perfect form for each use.

By retaining the consistent lock-up, even with varied logo structures, the brand maintains a strong visual presence, reinforcing its recognition and building a cohesive identity that remains rooted in the minds of the audience. This approach also gives the brand's creative team the freedom to experiment and adapt the logo as new opportunities arise, ensuring that the identity remains relevant and engaging in an ever-evolving landscape.

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