Experience Laguna Destination Branding

Laguna is a beautiful province in the Philippines just an hour or so south of Manila. Because of the proximity, it is often considered as the quick weekend getaway of Filipinos who wants to leave the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Laguna has a lot to offer to people of different interests. History buffs can visit Jose Rizal's (Philippines' national hero) shrine in Calamba, wander around the Japanese Garden in Cavinti, or just appreciate the Spanish-era churches in each municipality. Thrill seekers will enjoy Nuvali's Wake Park in Santa Rosa, as well as it's very own Enchanted Kingdom. Nature lovers will surely fall in love with the province's lakes in San Pablo, mountain in Los Bans, and waterfalls in Luisiana, Majayjay, and Pagsanjan.

This personal branding project aims to boost Laguna's tourism and promote the beautiful spots unknown to the people, both locals and foreigners. It aims to position Laguna as the top tourist destination closest to the country's capital, and enjoy the same recognition of the famous Siargao and Palawan.

Initial sketches

The initial ideas revolve arond having the coconut tree as the main graphic for the brand as it is abundant in the province. Laguna is also famous for its buko pie (coconut pie). However, the coconut tree is not unique to the province, in fact, it is readily available in other parts of the Philippines. This lead me to the idea of using something that is unique to Laguna..

The concept

Following the footsteps of the Philippines' official tourism brand, 'Experience Laguna's brand mark was also inspired from the Philippines' banig, a traditional handwoven mat used for sitting or sleeping. Banigs are 100% Filipino and it symbolizes the people's hospitality. As in the brand identity, everyone is welcome to "Experience Laguna'.

Aside from the Banig, the brand mark of 'Experience Laguna' was inspired from the Laguna Lake itself. Also known as Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines took its name from Bay (pronounced as "Bä'i"), the former capital of the Laguna Province. The brand mark was a simplified approach to the shape of the Laguna lake.

The logotype has an emphasis on 'UNA' the last three letters of the word. 'Una', in Filipino, means first. This represents the province's aim to be the first tourist destination of choice nearest in Manila. It's also a symbol of the province's aim to be number one in standard of living in the CALABARZON region.

Photography Style

The photography style of the brand reflects the beauty of the province. Spanish-era churches, colourful festival, serene scenery, mouth-watering delicacies, and the people's welcoming smiles are what makes the brand alive.

Colour Palette

The colours for the brand identity were carefully chosen to perfectly represent the rich and vibrant culture of Laguna. It is inspired by the Province's pristine lakes and waterfalls, lush mountains, gorgeous sunset, and fun and colorful festival.


The shape of the brand mark itself will serve as a supergraphic when needed. It will be used as a container for the brand's photography.

Every brand has a beginning. Let yours be Super!