Visual Brand Identity for "Cathedral Sessions"

What is Cathedral Sessions?

Cathedral Sessions is a series of unforgettable live performances at magnificent Cathedrals throughout the UK. Each session is carefully curated to showcase exceptional talent from various genres, encompassing DJ Sets, contemporary compositions, and praise songs featuring bands and solo artists. From the soaring acoustics to the breathtaking stained glass windows, these iconic Cathedrals provide the perfect backdrop for an unparalleled musical journey.

The Goal
Design a visually dynamic and vibrant identity for Cathedral Sessions, an event targeting young people. Reflect a youthful personality to attract them to experience the magnificence of Cathedrals. Use bold colors, modern typography, and contemporary design elements to create engaging visuals that resonate with the target audience.

The Concept
We wanted the identity to evoke a sense of concert-like feel to it, so it appeals to the younger audience. By using a set of vibrant colours paired with contemporary graphics. the overall look and feel of the brand's identity is youthful and modern.

The Logo Idea
A well-designed logo holds significant importance for any event as it becomes a prominent feature on tickets, posters, and other collaterals. Cathedral Sessions, being a unique and pioneering event, can greatly benefit from a thoughtfully crafted logo. The idea revolves around incorporating a sound equalizer image to symbolize the musical essence of the event. Adding further relevance, a hidden cross symbol cleverly integrates within the logomark.

Incorporating the idea of a sound equalizer within the logo captures the core essence of Cathedral Sessions as a musical experience. It visually represents the dynamic and captivating nature of the performances, creating a strong connection with the audience. The hidden cross symbol subtly references the spiritual significance of Cathedrals, adding a layer of depth and meaning to the logo.

By seamlessly merging these elements, the logo for Cathedral Sessions not only captures the essence of the event but also resonates with the audience, piquing their curiosity and interest. It becomes a visually compelling symbol that can leave a lasting impression, enhancing the brand's recognition and attracting attendees to experience the extraordinary musical journey of Cathedral Sessions.

The Applications
Maintaining visual consistency across all collaterals was a top priority in developing the identity. This approach ensures a cohesive and memorable brand presence.
The abstract structure of the logomark offers excellent versatility, allowing for creative use as a supergraphic. By zooming in and rotating the logomark at different angles, a contemporary aesthetic is achieved, adding a modern touch to the brand's communications.

This dynamic application of the logomark creates visual interest and adds a sense of uniqueness to each communication piece. Whether it's on posters, social media graphics, or promotional materials, the supergraphic treatment reinforces the brand's contemporary appeal and catches the audience's attention.

By utilizing this approach consistently throughout various touchpoints, the brand gains a distinctive and memorable visual identity, reinforcing its presence in the minds of the target audience. The applications not only showcase creativity but also enhance brand recognition, ensuring that Cathedral Sessions stands out as an exceptional and contemporary event experience.

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